Thursday, April 25, 2013

water soluble stuff

As usual, I have been busy, but not blogging.  Mostly, I have been running classes at the community house and trying to look after my DH who is in a lot of pain and finding it hard to be idle.
I did, however find some time to make a few little motifs using soluble interfacing and free motion.
The butterfly is a bit tatty because I only went over it once, and I wasn't wearing my eye glasses!,  I used a metallic thread in the top and bottom, so that they would look the same on both sides, but overall I am happy with the effect.  The gold thread is from a large cone which I picked up at the recycle depot, but it sews really well and I love it.  A little bit of bling goes a long way!
I have also been working on my journal quilts.  I have been making journal quilts from random drawings and sketches.  Obviously, the drawing is quick - it takes a little longer to interpret them in thread, but it also gives me something to work on when the muse is not cooperating.
Some I like, some I don't, but it's just some playing, really.
I had my old flag book (or here) with some of my old journal quilts at the gallery on the weekend, and decided to make a new book to hold all of them.
It is quite a bit larger than my old book and I have made the accordions quite wide, so I have room to write what each quilt is about.


  1. I love your butterfly, think it looks so very delicate and not tatty at all.
    Wow you have been busy on your journals.

  2. lovely thread work Vicki! Is some of that going to end up in the TT piece?

  3. I agree with Brigitte, that thread work is lovely.

    I hope your DH gets feeling better soon.


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