Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fabric book

I have been going to make a fabric book for a while, and yesterday I finally started, with the intention of putting all my leaf samples in it.
I started with a book cover.  I get these from the recycle depot, who collects from a book binding establishment.
I covered it with this handmade paper (it is very thick and simply made using large bubble wrap).
You can see here I put an accordion fold with the flaps glued together into the spine to hold my pages.
I wil construct the pages separately and add them one at a time, sandwiching the two sides over some felt.
The felt will sit on top of each flap of the accordion like this.
And the book will be finished, but as yet I haven't done any pages. Let's see if I can finish it in the next few weeks.

Create every day!


  1. love the way the paper has turned out from bubble wrap, great detail in your making and the saying at the end very appropiate.

  2. love the texture the bubble wrap has given to the paper. This will be a great book when you've got the pages in. Good luck!


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