Monday, May 7, 2012

writing and journals

This ATC just happened.  I painted a scrap of interfacing, and I liked the feather against it.  The squiggly and word seemed right with a gold leaf pen.

I thought this journal page would go well with the feather
 It's a bit bolder than my usual pages, but it just happens like that some days.  I used both real and paper feathers, which I just snipped to give the feathery bits.

I got this quote from Donna Downey on Inspiration Wednesday, but Have been told it was in an old adidas advert.
 All the more reason to experiment!  Yes.

Oh and sorry about the missed days, sometimes living way out here is a pain, especially when the internet is not working properly.


  1. Even though you were absent a few days, it was worth the wait! Teh way you tied the two pieces together with the feathers was ingenious!

  2. Love your feathery work!!! Glad you are back! And love that inspirational quote! I need to remember that

  3. Nice to see you back! Yes, there are times when what we all take for granted in the city is an intermittent luxury in the country! But it does leave more time for creating, ;-)!

  4. Your journal pages look great. I also follow Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday videos.


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