Sunday, May 13, 2012

bird on a wire

Just a quick blog tonight, The internet is very slow as it seems to be in bad weather.
This ATC is one I did after playing with some different coloured wires.  The little metal rectangle is an old feed dog cover and has a hole in the centre for a needle.  I poked my wires through that hole and arranged them.  Originally, I wanted to leave the hole to be seen, but the little bird wanted to sit there and who am I to argue.  He is just free cut out of felt.  The background is fabric paper made using inkjet prints which bled and pattern tissue.


  1. Nice 3D plus a wonderful background.

  2. Your posts fro the last few days have been inspiring. I really like the cut flowers, but what really impressed me was your use of used laptop parts. They almost look like they could be used for pendants or

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