Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Distressed Fabric Collage

Today, I have a collage I did yesterday to show you.  This one is an offshoot from the collage I did last week.
Both were layered with sheers and had leaves between the layers, but this one is distressed with the heat gun and is constructed slightly differently as a result.
The leaves were all cotton fabric, so they would not burn.  There were three layers of leaves covered with sheer and stitched.
Then came the moment.  And I burned all the sheers back.
I call this leaf litter.
The colours are not really true, Ifiddled around a bit, but I could not get them as bright as the original.  I think it is the way the light reflects off the surface.  A bit more fiddling will be required.


  1. The colours look great to me! What a terrific name for such a wonderful piece!

  2. What a wonderful surface! All of those lovely tatters and exposed areas remind me of the scene out my front door after a tropical storm or hurricane, when the yard is covered with the whole and partial last green leaves of summer and first turnings of fall.

  3. Wow, I really like your technique and the resulting piece. Have you ever tried it with dried leaves?

  4. Thanks Triche. That sounds like a great idea, JB!

  5. This looks so neat!! Love it. Where did you get your heat gun from?


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