Saturday, July 16, 2011

Creating silk paper and other fibre films Method 2 - Glue method Part 3

Creating silk paper and other fibre films 

Method 2 - Glue method Part 3

In this blog, you will see that not all experiments are created equal, sometimes they don't work.  This is why they are called experiments.  This one certainly stretched my predicting ability and I changed tack several times.  But in the end, even if the piece is not worth continuing with, there is still something to learn, so enjoy watching me struggle!

Here I have laid a cloth down and am adding leaves from a previous project, made from various fabrics.

Here are all the leaves laid down.

Top cover added.

Soapy water added - oops, too much.

Used a towel, to blot up all the water.  Well and truly wet now!

Rolled up the layers, which moved quite a bit (now, I know this was because the fabrics were too thick for this method)

Squeezed in diluted medium several times, which only resulted in moving more of the fabric about, because diluted medium is not strong enough for these fabrics

So, mark 2, I put all of the leaves on baking paper and painted with undiluted medium.  You need to paint both sides of the fabric, so it will bond to those already there.  That is, you need to begin adding medium from the first scrap, piece by piece!

Then I made the mistake of being in a hurry.  I tried ironing between the baking paper, but this affected the Medium and it created a film on top of the leaves.  Next time I will know not to do this - unless of course I am looking for a milky film for some reason.

This what the final piece looked like

Nothing is ever a waste of time in my laboratory lol.  The fabric is stiff, but stitcable (just).  And in working through this experiment, I have devised a few other ways to achieve this type of fibre film with fabrics that are a little thick in places. And I have thought of a few more combinations for the medium method as well - lucky you!

So expect to see these leaf scraps again in another episode.  (Much later!)


  1. For something like this I use Atelier Binding Medium. Its liquid not gel, and will stand a LOT of diluting, far more than the Jo Sonya textile medium or average PVA glue. Its also cheaper in bulk than Selleys! I get it in my local art store in Adelaide. I have slathered it onto some things to make a thick paper, then successfully taken needle and thread to it. I can't give you drying times as its 80% humidity here so everything is taking much longer.
    When it stops raining I shall be following in your footsteps, lol! So please keep leading onwards!

  2. Thanks for the heads up! It is extremely wet here in the mountains, too - but my heater is for drying my projects, not keeping warm lol


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