Sunday, October 6, 2013

a butterfly

Just a short one, today, and a change from the printing for a bit (even though I am still going - and running out of papers!)
I made a little journal quilt today.  I was inspired by a baby wipe that had cleaned up when I was painting.  The way I had held it when I wiped made purple finger prints and they were arranged like a butterfly's wings, so I outlined the wings and added some beads, shell bits and stitches to it.
The interesting thing about this is that if I hadn't tidied up yesterday, I would never have seen this wipe.  I often find when I am tidying up that I find inspirational bits, especially after a really busy time in the studio, and of course being the hoarder I am, if I didn't keep all these bits and pieces that normal people throw out, well, where would my inspiration come from? lol.
I have missed my journal quilts, perhaps this will spur me to get back to them.


  1. I love what you have done with this wipe, Vicki- how neat that a throwaway item can be turned into something so beautiful!

  2. it is lovely Vicki! I find cleaning up so distracting...

  3. Very inventive!! I still have a mess in my studio from the last TT project and am trying to work around it.

  4. such imagination and creativity

  5. What a wonderful way to handle a throwaway! I really need to start keeping some of mine. Ingenious!!

  6. How fun and I love how it was inspired!


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