Monday, July 30, 2012

a bit of an update

I have been very quiet on the blogging front, and perhaps even the creating front.
I have hit the mid winter doldrums, I think.  It is so cold, especially here out in the bush with only a wood fire.  Mornings are are bit of a struggle, until the house warms up.  I have been working, on my Tangled Textiles piece, and two swaps, which I am extremely late finishing.  But of course I can't show those, so here are some other bits and pieces.

Here is the foundation for a quick collage.  I have used lots of blue scraps, cotton, stamped organza, and rovings.
Here I have free motioned a seahorse and shell from one of my sketchbooks.
Then I did some free motion on the background, pebbles and waves in variegated blues.
and a few close ups of my messy free motion.
Here I have started beading and some hand stitching.  I like this one, but the beading and hand stitching will take a while.  I have had to put it aside for a few other more urgent pieces at present.
I have been working in my sketchbook-

The first one is a sketch for a collage piece that was in my head for a while.  The last two are sketches from old masters' sculptures.

And I have been working on this new york beauty - a la eleanor burns, which has been sitting in my ufo collection for a bout a year.
I also made a little sketchbook after seeing one a friend had made
I used some painted paper for the cover and some scrap paper from a failed experiment for the endpages.

And that's enough for one week, don't you think?


  1. I was really interested in your freehand embroidary piece. I see you are using 'stamped organza' Did you stamp an image on it yourself and what did you use?. I love your sketches and your little sketch book. I am in the process of making one myself I have posted about it on my blog if you would like to take a look.

  2. Vicki it's all wondrful! I have to learn to use organza. Stay warm!

  3. I hope you can stay warm- and before you know it, spring and summer will be there. We're roasting here, and I'm feeling like summer is just slipping away. I can't figure out why it seems to go by so much quicker than winter????

    I like what you did with the organza, I've played with it a little bit.

  4. Vicki, if this is being in the winter doldrums what do you do in the spring revival? These are beautiful pieces.

  5. Hi Vicki, lovely to see you posting. It is cold isn't it, must be worse in the south. Our wood fire is keeping the house very warm. I love your collage and free motion stitching, not to mention that lovely journal. I'm in a bit of a winter slump myself, and hope it passes soon. Take care.


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