Saturday, June 2, 2012

One UFO bites the dust

Today's ATC is a by product of the journalling I've been doing lately.  I have been putting ATC sized cards on my table around what I've een working on and seeing what the overspray and splats give me.  This bird came from a suggestion of a tail and some white space.  He could have been a pidgeon, but somehow, I thought he might be a snowy kestrel so I gave him a little hooked beak.

Now to my UFO.  I have been working on a double wedding ring on and off for about four years.  And today I finally finshed piecing the top.  (don't look too closely, it has not been pressed and has spent long periods of time screwed up and shoved down the bottom of the cupboard)
This is about two thirds of it.  The bottom of it is off the bottom of the bed. 
And here's a closer look at the fabrics.  It was the main fabric that I started with, then I chose the crimson and blue (there is some blue in the floral) to make the rings.
I must say, I'm glad it's done and I love it, but four years is a long time to spend on a quilt.  And now I will be spending the winter quilting it  (I am going to hand quilt it. :-o)

Have a great weekend


  1. Love the bird isn't it surprising what can come from the most unexpected things.

  2. Hi Vicki, and congratulations on both projects. I've been a little off colour lately, and these pictures have brightened me up. Your bird card is simply gorgeous and good on you for thinking outside the box [don't you always!!]. I have to commend you on the quilt, love it. It has been on my to do list forever, and I have Mary Ellen Hopkins' book on how to piece one without tears and tantrums. Your colours are warm and earthy, and no four years is not a long time. My favourite quilt spanned seven years!!!!!! Good luck with the quilting. Thanks again for the eye candy.

  3. The quilt is stunning. I love that the fabrics you chose are not ones that are usually chosen for this style of quilt. Wonderful! and your ATC, as usual, is imaginitive and artistic.


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