Friday, June 15, 2012

How to procrastinate

Well, that is what I have been doing.  Because my project wasn't finished, I haven't posted, and it's still not finished. 
Time to just do it!
It all started with one of my many scrapbaskets, lol
Some batting and interfacing
put some colour down
Some sheer scraps
scatter the sheers
cover it all with tulle
 do some free motion meandering in the sky
Some uppy downy bits in the grassy area
Horizontal zig zags in the mountains
 couch yarn for the tree trunk
Fill in the trunk with more yarn
some heatgunned synthetics for foliage
sew down most of the foliage
Don't forget to stop and add some branches over the foliage to give depth
Add the last bits of foliage over the ends of those branches.... and

you're nearly finished.  Just have to decide how to embellish the foreground -a few flowers and grasses, but how will I do it, free motion, hand embroidery, something else? 

More cogitation neccesary.

Happy sewing

ooh, or maybe beads? or pebbles, ......ribbons.......


  1. I love the process! How big is it or did I miss it? Love this!

  2. I favor grasses with machine or hand embroidery. The many textures you have used so far, work well together.

  3. Looks great Vicki, and wonderful step by step pictures. I'm sure you'll finish it well. Nice to see you posting. Cheers.

  4. I love it Vicki! The tree trunk looks fabulous. Some grasses with maybe a few embroidered flowers is what I see in the foreground

  5. Fun! I like that idea of heat gun - I have one of those guns but have never used it in the sewing room yet.

  6. Very nice progression of your creativity! Your tree, foliage and background are looking great.


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