Wednesday, October 13, 2010

getting the stitches down

worked on library
tried clones knot
in two APL books, language quite complicated, looked up on net
you tube Maire treanor doing knot, beginning is not clear enough
annemkell's video is clearer
I looked at a new blog, which was lovely, but not too hhelpful
but the following simple diagram was best
 Clones Knot
Ch 6, * thread over, swing hook forward and down and thread over under ch, bring hook forward and up again, repeat from * 4 times, working over the last 3 ch sts (work loosely)-10 lps on hook, thread over and draw through the lp on hook, pulling tight, sl st in ch at base of knot (the third st of ch 6).

Shown in November, 1957 WorkBasket.

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