Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A little bit of everything

OK, I might be back at work, but not quite blogging.  Time to get back into it.
I have had a few very busy weeks, organising classes for this term at the community house.  Not really finished, yet, but getting there.
My studio is organised and lots of things are getting done bit by bit.
Yesterday at quilt group, I was given a lovely gift!
some yummy rayon embroidery threads.  Very shiny and perfect for the magpie in me.
Of course I just had to have a go with them, so here is a little thread painted leaf on felt.  Yum.
I am also still making butterflies on chiffon and organza.  This one used a multicoloured thread, and still needs a little more before I finish stitching.
A small postcard sized thread painting on watersoluble.
The beginning of a needlefelted landscape.
A skeleton leaf I have been working on for EVER!
A set of 12 in collage blocks that are on their way to becomming a quilt.
A large black sandwich which I quilting very randomly in green to make a new vest for my hubby.
My quilt sample from beyond basic machine quilting on craftsy.  I have used satin for my fabric and added some reverse applique with painted sheers.

And that's all there is, at present

Be creative!


  1. Oh my but you have been busy haven't you!! Love the yummy thread and the lucious work you have been doing with the thread painting.

  2. I love your work!!!! I love the landscape colors and your machine quilting project looks great!

  3. You are certainly full of vim, vigor and accomplishment. Ditto the comments from Lisa and Renate.

  4. ohhhh I've been working on good ways to organize my thread too! love the thread painting! I would like to invite you to link up on my blog's Off the Wall Friday where fiber artist share their creative endeavors - its open through Sunday night. We find it super motivating and inspiring!

  5. Love your thread painting and especially glad to find someone who works on water-soluble !

  6. Love all that you have going on!

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  8. Vicki I love all you do!! and I am missing your blogging!!!


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