Friday, October 12, 2012

A few little bits

A few months ago, I made something called air dry porcelain.  It was a bit like polymer clay, but made with cornstarch and PVA.  You know me, always wanting to make something out of nothing. 
The other day, I decided to do something with it.
I used a few stamps to make some little embellishments.  As you can see, above, I used a stamp made from fun foam, one cut from an eraser and a commercial stamp.
I painted them all with the verdigris base I used here.
Then when they were dry, I painted them with the developing solution.
After a few hours, the lovely blue verdigris developed.
I couldn't wait to play with them, so I put together a few arrangements.
This was my first one from some bits lying on the table.
And another one.
 And the first one after a bit more fiddling.  I had a fun time deciding what to do with them.

Happy creating.


  1. Interesting recipe! Did you make up a fresh batch, or does this store well? If its stored, how did you store it? I can see lots of possibilities for this!
    Does it crack like other air-dried products can? Thats me thinking of a very hot Adelaide summer coming up, if the weather men are right! How thin can you get it? Soooooo many questions, I must go and make some. There you go, leading me astray again, hehe!

  2. Caroline, it stores extremely well in a plastic bag and does not crack so far. It is slightly translucent when dry, takes a few days and take acrylic paint, but needs a few layers


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